I have taught and researched critical security studies and international political sociology for more than a decade. Lived in Victoria, BC, Belfast, Northern Ireland, Vancouver, BC, Calgary, AB, London, ON, and a few other places that shall remain nameless. Currently tenured professor in the Department of Political Science at King’s University College. I’m also a faculty member in the Centre for American Studies and often serve on graduate committees in the Centre for Theory and Criticism, both at Western University.

Image 19780415484404Rethinking-Hizballah

Before teaching at King’s, I taught critical security studies and international relations theory at Simon Fraser University, the University of Victoria and Queen’s University of Belfast. I teach an eclectic combination of critical theory and contemporary global politics, influenced by questions of contemporary (in)security practices, borders and identities, and the emerging reliance on identification and surveillance technologies throughout society.

In spring 2008 I held the first Visiting Research Fellowship at the Border Policy Research Institute, Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington, USA. During this period, I was invited to contribute to a NATO/European Science Foundation Initiative on The Role of Law, Ethics, and Justice in Security Practices, at the Peace Research Institute, Oslo, Norway (PRIO), under the direction of Dr. Peter Burgess.

My research and publications reflects my interdisciplinary background in international relations theory and contemporary social and political thought, covering issues from contemporary aviation security and trusted traveler programs, to the increasing reliance on biometric technology and risk management in contemporary border security, to a critical security studies analysis of Hizballah.

Throughout the duration of PhD studies in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in addition to enjoying local culture, I took an interest in local politics, and participated in initiatives such as the ‘European Liaison’ meetings. In addition to this, I have been interviewed by both Canadian and international media on issues of surveillance and border and aviation security, and testified on related issues before a Canadian Parliamentary Special Committee on Public Safety and National Security, and have given a variety of invited guest lectures on such issues to academic, public, and professional audiences.

For more information, see my CV_Muller

ACADEMIA.EDU WEBPAGE http://uwo.academia.edu/BenjaminMuller


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