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Jeremy Crampton – The Costs of Security

Engaging and timely discussion by Jeremy Crampton on security, surveillance and the state. Advertisements

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Surviving Congress 2013 I survived Congress and the CPSA meeting at UVic last week. Just returned on Monday night (in time for Convocation on Tuesday!). It’s always nice to return to my alma mater, visiting the campus and seeing many … Continue reading

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Originally posted on geographical imaginations:
The Center for the Study of the Drone at Bard College has just posted video of a performance work “Drones.” developed by undergraduates at the College in March this year. ┬áThe Center was established in…

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Gender Trouble, Racial Salvation and the Tragedy of Political Community in ‘Game Of Thrones’ (2012-2013)

Originally posted on The Disorder Of Things:
A shamefully-delayed commentary on Game Of Thrones, Seasons the Second and Third, since the first one went so well. As before, *great clunking mega spoiler alert*. You have been forewarned. Recall three justifications…

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