Mobility and Politics – New Series

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critical logistics

Mobility & Politics – a new thematic series, edited by Martin Geiger, Parvati Raghuram and William Walters.


MOBILITY & POLITICS A New Series from Palgrave Pivot

Series Editors: Martin GEIGER, Carleton University – Parvati RAGHURAM, Open University – William WALTERS, Carleton University

Human mobility, whatever its scale, is often controversial. Hence it carries with it the potential for politics. A core feature of mobility politics is the tension between the desire to maximize the social and economic benefits of migration, and pressures to restrict movement. Transnational communities, global instability, advances in transportation and communication, and concepts of ‘smart borders’ and ‘migration management’ are just a few of the phenomena transforming the landscape of migration today. The tension between openness and restriction raises important questions about how different types of policies and politics come to life and influence mobility. Mobility & Politics invites original, theoretically and empirically informed studies for…

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