Watching the drones

Another post in what is now a fairly lengthy and strong series of contributions from Derek Gregory’s blog geographicalimaginations
Like the others, this is well worth a look. Although the discussion of Drone’s has increased, the sort of dialogue is generally not terribly rich, and in the US context, tends to be motivated by concerns over the (il)legality of killing US citizens and concerns over congressional and/or judicial oversight. As such, Gregory’s posts on this are welcome critical interventions about this ongoing issue.

geographical imaginations

An interesting interview over at the Huffington Post with Wesley Grubbs, one of the visual designers at Berkeley-based Pitch Interactive responsible for the infographic of drone strikes in Pakistan that was released on Monday and has since gone viral.  I drew attention to it in my discussion of the geography of those strikes, but that dimension doesn’t appear in this otherwise compelling infographic (screenshot below).  The project is called Out of Sight, Out of Mind which certainly speaks to the politics of drone warfare but it’s also out of site, and the geography of these strikes, as I tried to show, is not incidental to those politics.

Drone strikes in Pakistan PITCH INTERACTIVE

I think that the political-aesthetic effect of this visualization – which is considerable, otherwise why so much attention? The numbers aren’t new to anyone who’s followed the Bureau of Investigative Journalism‘s painstaking work –  is bound up less…

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