Welcome to Biometric State

After years of contemplating the idea of having a blog, I’ve finally given in. Reaching a point where I’m so incredibly stretched for time seems to have allowed the confluence of procrastination and avoidance together with sleep depravity to create the perfect storm need to consider embarking on this journey. I hope it proves to be somewhat better than disaster. At the very least, it allows me to share some more successful and seasoned blogs with a wider audience, if not potentially share some fleeting commentary and reflections.

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One Response to Welcome to Biometric State

  1. Hey Ben! Glad to see you’re a blogger now! I’m trying to recommit to one myself! Don’t be surprised by comments on posts you did, as I’ll probably go through your blog soon! Saw that you’re a Gregory fan too (who isn’t?!!!)! Sorry to miss you at CPSA! Cheers, David

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